beauty review: wardah seaweed skincare


Hai hai.

Kali ini aku akan review tiga produk dari range Seaweed Wardah yaitu facial wash, hydrating booster, dan night cream. Jadi menurut banyak beauty guru di Internet, skincare routine paling dasar itu terdiri dari cleansing, toning, dan moisturising. Itulah kenapa skincare routine aku terdiri dari tiga produk tadi.

Sebenernya Wardah sendiri punya cukup banyak range seperti Lightening, C-Defense, Renew You, dan lain-lain. Cuma selama bertahun-tahun aku nyoba berbagai produk, aku jadi tahu kalo kulit wajah aku gampang jerawatan (bukan jerawat purging) kalo nggak cocok sama suatu produk. Nah, range Seaweed ini tuh cukup simple ya menurutku. Nggak muluk-muluk claim-nya. Simply buat merawat aja gitu jadi kayaknya nggak akan memicu jerawat (sok tahu nggak sih w? haha).

review: love beauty and planet body wash in coconut water & mimosa flower


If buying a product based on its look is a crime, then I am guilty as charged... but whatever. If anything, we should appreciate whoever is behind the pretty packaging of Love Beauty and Planet.

products I (probably) won't repurchase


Hi, there! A few weeks ago I was tidying up my space and realised that I have many products that I don't really use. Some of them were even used only once or twice. That makes me feel kinda guilty... so I decided not to repurchase them again. Keep reading for some very brief review!

tried caveman regimen for the second time


Ever since I graduated and started working, I've noticed that my skin breaks out easily and isn't as smooth as it used to be. I thought that it had something to do with stress and maybe it does... but then I've also experienced immense stress and my skin was okay then. So I was curious if the main cause was my skincare?

When I was still in school and university, I had little money to spend on skincare. My skincare routine was as simple and basic as it gets. Even simpler than skincare basics advocated by bloggers, vloggers, and experts. I used to read so many blogposts about beauty and product reviews too. Might I say I was quite updated on beauty trend compared to my peers, I just couldn't afford the products.

One of the hardest things...


...about this self-quarantine is that I cannot see my friends face to face. I really miss those lunches & dinners, sleepovers, and hugs! And now I need those things more than ever since I’ve been struggling with my job. With the after-work events, work calls/texts after work, and the fact that I don’t fit in very well, quality time with my support system is what I need.  

Of course I still have my family. I’m sure they can be supportive but I wasn’t raised to express my feelings and open up. I just can’t be vulnerable to my family like I am with my close friends.

At first, I was kind of relieved that I got to have a break from work. At least I didn’t have to be present somewhere I don’t fit in. It’s time that I could focus on improving my skills and enjoying missed quality time with myself. I imagined reading books I couldn’t enjoy because I had to work overtime. Despite the fact that I couldn’t have quality time with my friends because of the quarantine, I thought I was gonna be okay recharging my soul at home. Plenty of things to do. Plenty of time to relax.


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